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Rose Gardens

Timing Important for Pest and Disease Problems

Bugs & Thugs

Spring is the time to deal with caterpillars, black spot on roses, and other plant problems.

Springtime Care of Roses

Garden Calendar

Pruning and fertilizing of rose bushes rewards with rich, sumptuous blooms.

Landscape Design: Building, Planting A Trellis

Fruits & Berries

Vertical gardening with roses, grapes and other vines on arbors and trellises.

Rose Gardening Guru - How to Grow Roses


All you need to know -- planting, pruning, protecting from disease -- to raise and care for beautiful roses.

Rose Gardening 101

Garden Design

Learn how to plant, grow and care for roses using these proven, organic techniques.


Flower Gardens

Enjoy this classic beauty with millions of organic gardeners who have been growing roses for well over 2,000 years!

Getting Tough With Powdery Mildew

Bugs & Thugs

Organic solutions for getting rid of powdery mildew on plants.