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Water-Wise (Xeriscape)

As water bills skyrocket, as more gardeners move to semi-arid locations and drought becomes a persistent problem, growers of all sorts want to know: what’s the most efficient way to conserve precious water? Xeriscaping — “scape” comes from landscape and xeros, in Greek, means “dry” — is the practice of smart, sustainable water use. Ideas discussed here include waterwise gardening techniques, rain gathering, choosing condition-tolerant plants, soil improvement, mulching — anything that results in the effective use of a valuable resource.

Accidental Garden, Natural Beauty

Landscape Design

Xeric and natural landscapes ask, "What is a garden for?"

Summer Flowers For Color

Flower Gardens

Here's how to keep beautiful annual and perennial flowers blooming in your garden all season long.

Xeric Landscapes, Works of Art


The new botanical garden located in Santa Fe, New Mexico is a combination of artful design and xeric plants.

Water Saving Tips for Gardens


How to conserve water while making sure your vegetable garden gets what it needs.

Lovin' Daisies

Container Gardens

How to grow all kinds of daisies in the garden or in pots.

Principles of Xeriscape Design

Landscape Design

Ideas and techniques for low water landscapes and water-wise gardening.

Lawns . . . Or No-Mow Yards?

Ground Cover

There are any number of lawn alternatives that require less work and water than grass.

Drought and the Home Garden


Preparing for dry conditions this growing season will go along way towards reducing your losses as well as you water bill.

Fall In the Xeriscape

Landscape Design

Learn how much fall watering is necessary for lawns, trees and gardens.

Composting and Water Conservation


It seems that no matter the problem we face in our gardens, the answer frequently includes compost.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Landscape Design

Fight drought and save BIG money on your water bills with xeriscaping.

Landscaping With Grasses

Landscape Design

Grasses may not be the centerpiece of your gardens but they can be a great addition.