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Landscape Design

Stunning, water-smart gardens don’t just happen — they’re planned.

Our guides on intelligent landscape design will help you place plants for optimal visual impact, use water resources wisely, choose the right plant for the right place, and put your unique mark on your property. Turn your place into an eco-oasis!

Trellis & Arbor Ideas

Fruits & Berries

Vertical gardening with roses, grapes and other vines on arbors and trellises.

How to Start Your Own Organic Garden

Garden Design

Tips for beginners who want to grow organic vegetables and landscape plants.

Conifers In the Winter Landscape

Garden Calendar

Growing evergreens takes planning, care … and water.

Koi Ponds and Water Gardens

Garden Design

Tips for designing and maintaining garden water features.

Butterfly Gardening Resource Guide

Beneficial Insects

Attracting and benefiting from our most beautiful pollinators.

Many Benefits of Sensory Gardens


Appealing to the senses with flowers, shrubs, herbs and other landscape features.

Save Water On Your Lawn

Garden Calendar

Tips for using less water when city restrictions demand it.

Avoiding Water Stressed Plants


Make sure your plants don't receive too little or too much water.

Controlling Weeds By Design

Landscape Design

Defeat unwanted plants in your landscape by planning ahead.

Where the Wild Things Are


Home gardens provide habitat for birds, butterflies and wildlife.

Learning To Love Moss

Ground Cover

Easy to grow and care for, moss can make green carpets under shade trees, provide color and texture to rock gardens, or replace entire lawns.

Facing Drought


What should gardeners do in the face of water shortages?