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A living plant makes any house a cozy home.

Growing houseplants gives pro gardeners some off-season pleasure and makes beginning plant care manageable. Our expert articles will teach you how to provide ideal lighting, when to water, how to overwinter prized plants, and the best ways manage pest control and more. Fill up your windowsills!

Deck the Halls with Greenery: 13 Must-Have Holiday Plants


Transform your home into a winter wonderland with the enchanting allure of holiday plants. Beyond their festive charm, these botanical ...

Unlock Better Sleep: NASA's Reveals 12 Plant Allies for Sweet Dreams


According to Science Direct, plants and flowers not only liven up a space but also provide relaxing and purifying benefits that can promote a healthy sleeping pattern. Filling the space where you sleep with plants can reduce anxiety and stress and create a pleasant environment for a restful night's sleep. Here are the 12 best plants to help you sleep better at night:

Cleaner Air, Happier Home: The 13 Detoxifying Plants You Need to Revolutionize Your Indoor Air


Scientific studies have proven that choosing air-purifying plants for your home helps detoxify the air in your living spaces, so not only do these houseplants look lovely, but they also clean the air you breathe in. Several air-purifying plants can detoxify the air in your home from the airborne toxins and germs found in different household products or furniture. Here are the best air-purifying plants and where to keep them to give your home a breath of fresh air.

The Hidden Meanings of These 12 Common Plants Will Easily Up Your Gift-Giving Game


Flowers, plants, and other foliage can symbolize emotions, actions, or ideas. Each plant has been given meaning throughout the years, ...

How to Grow and Care for Staghorn Fern (Complete Guide)


Are you struggling to keep your staghorn fern thriving? Trust me, I get it. My initial attempt at cultivating these distinctive ferns was far ...

Maidenhair Fern Care: A Comprehensive Guide


Are you just as captivated by the exquisite beauty of maidenhair ferns as I am, yet find yourself at war with maintaining ...

Everything You Need to Know to Grow Monstera Deliciosa Fruit


The Monstera Deliciosa fruit is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or tried before! In fact, it’s frequently considered to be ...

How to Grow and Care for Citronella Plant (Mosquito Plant)

Flower Gardens

Acclaimed for its distinctive citrus scent, the much-lauded Citronella plant, scientifically known as the Citronella Geranium, is a popular addition ...

How to Grow and Care for Pencil Cactus (Complete Guide)


Pencil cactus, also known as the milk bush or Euphorbia tirucalli, is an intriguing and versatile addition to any indoor ...

How to Grow and Care for Century Plant (Agave americana)


There are few plants more striking in appearance and more aptly named than the Agave americana, or American Century Plant. ...

How to Grow & Care for Aglaonema Plants (Chinese Evergreen)


Aglaonema species, commonly known as the Chinese Evergreen plant, are popular houseplants adored by gardening enthusiasts across the world. Intriguing ...

How to Grow & Care for Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior)


Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior) is an incredibly resistant and easy-care houseplant. Esteemed since the Victorian era, it earned its ...