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A living plant makes any house a cozy home.

Growing houseplants gives pro gardeners some off-season pleasure and makes beginning plant care manageable. Our expert articles will teach you how to provide ideal lighting, when to water, how to overwinter prized plants, and the best ways manage pest control and more. Fill up your windowsills!

The 20 Best Fern Plants to Grow in Your Garden


Ferns are among the oldest living plants, growing in a variety of cold, temperate, and tropical climates worldwide. There are at least 12,000 species, ranging from miniature to towering tree forms. These ancient plants, which evolved before flowering plants, reproduce using leaf spores as opposed to seeds. There are many types of ferns that can flourish in your landscape. The majority of ferns prefer moist, shady environments and are low maintenance, with few pests and diseases. Ferns work well with many other shade plants, either as a soothing green backdrop or as a focal point. As a master gardener, I’ve successfully grown many different ferns over the years, and this has allowed me to curate a list of the best ones I recommend growing. And so,  here are the 20 best ferns to grow, as well as some maintenance tips and why you should consider them:

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