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Indoor Gardening

Get your green thumb going all year long.

Indoor gardening lets you start new plants, grow greens in the dead of winter or create the perfect environment for specialty plants. Our expert guides will help you choose grow lights, hydroponic systems, seed starting systems, growing media and more. Come explore!

Starting Seeds Indoors

Garden Calendar

Starting plants from seed just might be the second most enjoyable act of procreation you’ll ever experience.

Grow Light Coverage

Indoor Gardening

Supplying adequate light coverage for strong, healthy growth is critical to the indoor gardener.

Plant Propagation 101


Propagating plants is an inexpensive and easy way to get new plants from plants you already have.

Let There Be Plant Light

Indoor Gardening

Indoor plant lights let you shine a light where and when the sun don't shine.

Potted Plant Pests

Bugs & Thugs

Natural and organic solutions for dealing with bugs on houseplants.

Sunlight and Potted Plants

Container Gardens

All container grown plants need sunlight, but how much varies from plant to plant.

Watering Outdoor Potted Plants

Container Gardens

Tips on how often -- and how much -- you should water container grown plantings.

Repotting Plants

Container Gardens

​Tips for ​repotting indoor or outdoor grown plants without killing them.

The Perfect Potting Mix Recipe

Container Gardens

Learn how to make your own soils for container gardens ... and save BIG money!

Potted Plant Benefits

Container Gardens

Grow your favorite herbs, flowers and vegetables anywhere -- and in any amount of space -- by planting them in pots.

Mycorrhizae Benefits

Compost & Soil

Encourage explosive root growth and maximize your garden's potential with mycorrhizal fungi.

Rosemary In Winter

Container Gardens

How to grow rosemary, indoors and outdoors, in pots.