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Our gardens and yards are strands in a huge web connecting all living creatures.

Caring for the environment starts with thoughtful decisions at home about chemicals that could impact pollinating insects, wildlife, water sources and more. Read more to see how small changes add up to a healthier world.

Seasonal Garden Care


Garden care is a year-round activity, its rhythms dictated by seasonal conditions and local climates.

What's In Commercial Compost


... and why you should make your own.

Breathe Easy with Homemade Cleaners


These homemade recipes use safe, non-toxic ingredients -- like baking soda and lemon juice -- and can save you BIG money!

Groundwater Contamination from Nitrates


For years, farmers have been encouraged to dump nitrogen fertilizers on their fields — without regard to waste and overuse.

Let It Snow


It's important to remember that snow has valuable benefits for your lawn and garden.

Sweet Season: After a Garden Frost


Which vegetables not only survive frost, but taste better after a freeze? Here's what to grow.

Pesticides in Bird Food?


Scotts Miracle-Gro fined $12.5 million for knowingly lacing bird seed with pesticides.

Drought, Corn and Genetic Engineering


Monsanto has developed a so-called drought-tolerant corn.

Composting Paper


Paper -- made from wood pulp -- seems a likely addition to compost because of its source: nature.

Food Pathogens: Let's Get Dirty!

Compost & Soil

Organic gardeners know that a little dirt never hurt anyone.

Green Roofs Sprout Over U.S. Cities


Interest in green roofs (pun warning) continues to grow, especially in urban centers.

Bee Afraid


The decline of honeybees in the United States and elsewhere has been a matter of concern for a number of years.