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Blossoming flowers and ripening fruit mean it’s summer!

The garden is changing every day, and there’s always one more project that needs attention. Here’s an abundance of resources to help you stay on top of watering, weeding, pest control and lawn care!

Garden Tool: The Camera

Garden Calendar

Photos of this year's flowers and vegetables can help you plan for next season.

Plan Your Indoor Gardens Now

Garden Calendar

Follow these simple tips and you can enjoy fresh greens, herbs -- even tomatoes! -- from an indoor winter garden.

Getting Tough With Powdery Mildew

Common Pests

Organic solutions for getting rid of powdery mildew on plants.

Managing Moisture In Compost


Moisture in compost is critical and having too much or too little can slow or sour the process.

Compost for Summer Lawns


How to topdress your lawn with compost for thicker, healthier grass.