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Garden Calendar

Each season of the year brings new tasks for the the garden.

Stay one step ahead of projects for the coming months by reviewing the expert advice in this collection of tips and time-tested wisdom. Know when to plant seeds, prune trees, turn your compost pile, put the garden to bed and more.

Homegrown Tomato Time


Whether heirlooms or hybrids, tomatoes from your garden taste best.

Composting Big


Like it or not, here comes autumn and its bounty of leaves, garden refuse and other compostable materials.

Garden Tool: The Camera

Garden Calendar

Photos of this year's flowers and vegetables can help you plan for next season.

Late Season Garden Planting


Here's our list of the best vegetables for a fall harvest.

Plan Your Indoor Gardens Now

Garden Calendar

Follow these simple tips and you can enjoy fresh greens, herbs -- even tomatoes! -- from an indoor winter garden.

Getting Tough With Powdery Mildew

Common Pests

Organic solutions for getting rid of powdery mildew on plants.

Managing Moisture In Compost


Moisture in compost is critical and having too much or too little can slow or sour the process.

Compost for Summer Lawns


How to topdress your lawn with compost for thicker, healthier grass.

Garlic Scapes

Garden Calendar

Harvesting garlic scapes not only benefits your kitchen, it makes the bulbs grow big.

Weed This...

Garden Calendar

Good garden practice involves getting rid of weeds before they make themselves seen.

Setting Out, Hardening Off

Garden Calendar

Seedlings raised indoors need to be acclimated before transplanting outdoors. Here's how.