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Potted Plant Benefits

Grow your favorite herbs, flowers and vegetables anywhere — and in any amount of space — by planting them in pots.

Soda Bottle Composting for Kids

Soda bottle composting lets kids watch the decomposition process happen in a bottle they can hold in their hands.

Composting Tips

Whether you’re new to home gardening or a seasoned expert, our collection of 50 composting tips will help. Enjoy!

What’s In Commercial Compost

… and why you should make your own.

Cooking With Heirlooms

The Baker Creek Vegan Cookbook is focused on cooking with heirlooms that are from your own backyard garden.

Compost Bin Buyer’s Guide

Available in a large variety of shapes and sizes, composters are designed to help you produce compost more efficiently.

Using Autumn’s Bounty

Leaves, turned into protective mulch, soil-enhancing leaf mold or rich compost, are the fall season’s gift to the composter.

Breathe Easy with Homemade Cleaners

These homemade recipes use safe, non-toxic ingredients — like baking soda and lemon juice — and can save you BIG money!

Mycorrhizae Benefits

Encourage explosive root growth and maximize your garden’s potential with mycorrhizal fungi.

Tool Time: Caring for Garden Tools

Proper tool maintenance will ensure years of use from the equipment that has served you so well.

Rosemary In Winter

How to grow rosemary, indoors and outdoors, in pots.

Bokashi for Christmas

Use this simple, self-contained system to recycle all kinds of food waste right in your own kitchen!