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Bounty Elite: Review of AeroGarden’s Best Countertop Model

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Review

If you’ve always dreamed of growing your own herbs but just don’t believe you naturally have a green thumb, then this AeroGarden Bounty Elite is perfect for you!

Not only does it take the guesswork out of gardening at home, but it also makes it incredibly simple and easy even for those people who’ve never grown a plant in their life!

With a bunch of different AeroGarden models around, you may be curious as to what makes the Bounty Elite unique and special.

This article goes into that and more to help you decide whether or not the AeroGarden Bounty Elite is the right smart home gardening system for you.

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Hydroponics

What is a Bounty Elite?

The Bounty Elite is an indoor gardening system manufactured by AeroGarden and is one of the largest countertop models with the biggest water bowl capacity.

It features a 50W LED grow light that isfull-spectrum to help your plants grow easily regardless of the weather conditions outside. You can easily grow up to 9 plants in this great, space-saving design! It’s ideal for growing taller plants thanks to its 24” grow height.

All AeroGarden models are built on a hydroponics and aeroponics system, which allows them to grow up to 5 times faster than soil with minimal work at your end. The high-resolution touchscreen control panel notifies you when you need to add more plant food or water for a complete no-fuss approach to growing your own plants at home.

Plus, the Bounty Elite’s water bowl is sufficiently large, enabling you to go longer between fill ups!

If that all sounds exciting, keep reading to learn more about the top features of this incredible model from AeroGarden.

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Benefits

Different AeroGarden Bounty Family Models

In this article, we’re discussing all the functions and features of the Bounty Elite model but we wanted to point out that there are two other ‘Bounty’ models that you may want to check out, namely the Bounty Basic and Bounty.

Read our Complete Guide to AeroGarden Bounty to learn more.

Top AeroGarden Bounty Elite Features

The AeroGarden Bounty Elite includes all the base features of the AeroGarden Bounty and more!

We’ve written an in-depth review to cover those that we recommend you check out, but here are the top features that the Bounty Elite features that we think you’re going to love:

Stainless Steel Finish

The Bounty Elite is the only model from the Bounty family that comes in a beautiful stainless steel finish. This is the perfect choice for you if the rest of your kitchen appliances and accessories are in a stainless-steel finish!

50W Dimmable LED Grow Lights

The Bounty Elite comes in the highest grow light strength amongst all the Bounty models at a whopping 50W! But don’t worry, these energy-saving lights won’t add much to your electricity bill.

And if you’re worried that they’ll be too bright, you also have the option of infinite dimming to give you complete control over your garden’s grow light intensity.

Sunrise/Sunset Feature

This is also the only Bounty model that comes with a unique sunrise/sunset lighting feature that gradually brightens or dims your grow lights over an hour to mimic the outdoors.

Full-Color Touchscreen

This full-color touchscreen is user-friendly and incredibly helpful when setting up your Bounty Elite! It also comes in handy to display notifications for when you have to add more plant food and water to your garden’s water bowl.

Wi-Fi and App Compatibility

Like all other Bounty models, the Bounty Elite has the option to connect your device to Wi-Fi and is even Alexa-compatible! The Wifi function enables you to monitor, control, and customize critical garden functions such as light, water, and nutrients from pretty much anywhere in the world!

But another unique feature is that it’s the only Bounty model that allows you to connect to AeroGarden’s custom iOS/Android app. The app will deliver alerts directly to your phone when it needs water or plant food, making it even more convenient to grow your favorite plants indoors.

Vacation Mode

The Bounty Elite also comes with vacation mode like other Bounty models. This helps to keep your plants alive and well while you’re gone by running the grow lights for only 10 hours per day which deaccelerates plant growth and water evaporation so that you don’t have to refill the water or plant food as often.

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Features

How and Where to Buy a Bounty Elite

The Bounty Elite can be purchased from AeroGarden’s website, where you can also check out any current sales and seals and see if any new color options are available.

Otherwise, a number of online retailers, including Amazon, sell the Bounty Elite.

Since the company sells more than 75 different seed pods, the website is also the best place to look at all of them to figure out which other plants and veggies you want to experiment with in your very own indoor gardening system!

While you are in the process of purchasing your Bounty Elite, you will be given the opportunity to select a free seed kit. You can choose from the gourmet herbs seed pod, the heirloom salad greens seed pod, the cascading petunias seed pod, or the red heirloom cherry tomato seed pod kit.

The gourmet herbs seed pod kit is one of our favorites which allows you to grow Genovese basil, curly parsley, Italian parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil, mint, and chives all in the comfort of your own home.

All of the seed pods come with a germination guarantee. This means that if the seeds don’t sprout in 21 days, AeroGarden will replace the pod for free!

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Stainless

How to Setup AeroGarden Bounty Elite

The Bounty Elite package includes a garden base, an LED grow light, a power cord adapter, a trellis system for larger plants such as tomatoes and peppers, and your chosen seed pod kit along with the required liquid plant food.

A quick setup guide included in the box walks you through the process of setting up and growing plants with your Bounty Elite. To start setting it up, simply insert the light post into the base and then place the 50-watt grow light hood on top. When you successfully attach each part, you will hear a click.

Then, choose a location for your garden, plug it in, select Quick Plant on the screen, and that’ll then show on-screen instructions for you to follow. When you’re ready to plant a new garden, simply use the Quick Plant option.

After you have selected Quick Plant, you will be prompted to adjust the time to the current time, and then you will be asked to choose the type of garden that you are growing e.g. herbs, lettuce, or tomatoes).

If you’re growing a different kind of garden, choose the option that comes closest to what you’re growing. Depending on the type of garden you choose, it will tell you how long the light needs to be on each day and let you choose when it should be on and when it should be off.

The next step is to add water through the port, up to the fill line. Most tap water should be fine, according to AeroGarden, but a mixture of tap and distilled water at a 50/50 mix might be more preferable if you have hard or softened water. The lights turn on by themselves when the water reaches the fill line.

Time to plant your seed pods! To do that, all you have to do is put a pod in each of the nine holes on the grow deck. It then tells you to put a plastic grow dome on top of each pod that’s included in the box.

The grow domes help make sure that the seeds have the best chance of germinating, and they can be taken off when the sprouts are almost to the top.

Then, following the feeding instructions on the included plant food bottle, pour the appropriate number of capfuls into the water through the port. And that’s it, your Bounty Elite is all set up!

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Instructions

Why You Should Consider Buying the Bounty Elite

There are quite a few reasons why you should consider buying the Bounty Elite! Here are our top five reasons:

  1. Rapid Plant Growth:Since the Bounty Elite is based on AeroGarden’s hydroponics and aeroponics system, you’ll get plants that grow five times faster than in soil. And the 50W LED grow lights help with this even more!
  2. Space-Efficient Design for Largest Yield: This Bounty Elite model gives you the largest yield in arelatively small space, with 9 plants growing in an indoor gardening system that measures 34 x 17 x 11 inches!
  3. Grow Anything Regardless of Weather: You have the option of growing just about anything in the Bounty Elite, ranging from beautiful petunias to fresh tomatoes, salad greens, or even some gourmet herbs even in the middle of winter!
  4. Most Responsive Indoor Garden:Thanks to great functions like Wi-Fi and Alexa compatibility along with vacation mode, this is by far one of the most responsive indoor gardens ever!
  5. Advanced Light Customizations:With the Bounty Elite, you get advanced light customization options unlike anything else from having sunrise and sunset light settings to being able to adjust light intensity with just a slide of your finger.

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Germination Guarantee

Is the Bounty Elite Worth It?

We believe the Bounty Elite is absolutely worth it if you’re looking to invest in an advanced indoor gardening system that gives you the freedom to grow different herbs, flower varieties, fruits, and veggies without the height restrictions of smaller AeroGarden models such as the Harvest and Harvest Elite.

This system is a great investment for the long-term and is ideal for almost all types of home gardeners, allowing you to truly ‘grow’ into it and experiment with different plant types throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Every day is truly the perfect day for gardening with the Bounty Elite!

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