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  • Yellow Pincushion Cactus

    Created by Anonymous on

    I’ve just found out that the cactus growing on my place nearly 2 years ago is a Yellow Pincushion Cactus.

    The site where I found out what this MT native plant is said it has edible berries, and that the pulp inside the stems is a good source of fluids for emergencies.

    I had thought about taking cuttings from it to start more, but now see a point in this as a possible food source. The plant grows a maximum of 2″ tall, so I can grow them just as the one I found near the county road without running over and killing them with the lawnmower.

    I just love my new discovery!

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    Maybe because of the fish emulsions and Mic-crop I put on and around it? I know my houseplant cactus love the Mic-crop!

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