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  • Hydroponic Nutrients for WindowFarm

    Created by Joyous on

    HI –

    I am using a Window Farm and although I initially had support and instructions from windowfarms.org website it now seems to be shut down or unavailable and I am having a really difficult time finding the nutrient solution I need. I have one column currently hanging to grow vegetables inside in a window. The plants were grown from seed and are all still seedlings about 4-6 inches or so.

    I think it may be time to start adding nutrients to the water. I use a hydroponic system that drips from the top most bottle and water drains through each bottle to the reservoir on the very bottom.

    I wanted to make my own compost tea but since I haven’t started composting I am looking at ready-made concentrates that I can add to the water every so often. Although, I’m not even sure how often I am supposed to add it.

    I sure hope you can help. Please write back if you can offer any advice. Thank you for your site and all the useful information I have found here.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello Joyous,

    It sounds like it is time to start adding nutrients. Depending on the veggies, you probably need more supplementation that worm tea alone. Adding a liquid seaweed and fish emulsion can hep fill in the gaps.

    As far as worm tea goes, you can find powders that can be mixed. One product called Xtreme Tea Brews has been good for me in the past. In the future, you can set up a composting system or a vermicompost to provide you with your own tea. I’ve included links that should help.


    Happy growing!



    HI! Thank you SO much for writing back ~ I truly appreciate the information.

    I am on a drip system that waters from the top bottle and trickles down 4 more bottles to water my plants in the window… how often and how much of this product (Xtreme Tea) would I add to that system? I currently only water once a day but as the plants grow, I will set a timer to water at more frequent intervals. Also, is the smallest size the amount to make 3 gallons? If so, how long can that 3 gallons last after it is mixed ~ because I am not going through a gallon even a week at this point with minimal watering that I am doing.

    Thank you again ~ it’s been an experiment window farming and with no resources it’s been a struggle at time so I do appreciate your response.

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