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  • Bugs on my potted geraniums… What are they?

    Created by Stinky on

    Yuck! Last fall I brought my potted geraniums inside and put them on a windowsill. Now they have all these tiny green bugs on them. They’re freaking me out… What are they?

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    Sorry to respond so late, but i just joined up. Those green bugs have got to be aphids. they like geraniums.



    I think I have some of those too. So what do I do about them?


    Eric Vinje

    Hey folks!

    We’ve had spectacular success eradicating aphids in our store with a product called Azamax. It is an Azadirachtin based product derived from neem seed. The product comes concentrated, then must be added to water and sprayed on the infected plant. The Azadirachtin works in three different ways, as a repellent, anti-feedant, and insect growth regulator.

    Hope this helps!

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