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  • What is the best HPS light?

    Created by eben on


    I am wondering what the best 600W HPS grow light kit is? I am on somewhat of a budget looking to spend around $300

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    E. Vinje

    We have several options that will fit into your $300.00 budget. I think the biggest question is if you need to vent the light or not? I’ve put a couple of options together below:

    XtraSun HPS Ballast, 600W = $141.95
    Standard 600W HPS Bulb = $53.95
    XtraSun Reflector (no vent) = $65.50
    XtraSun 6 Reflector (w/ vent) = $84.95

    Xtrasun HPS

    High Pressure Sodium

    XtraSun 6

    If you want to go digital, I suggest the Hydrofarm Special (Bulb & Ballast Combo) for $266.95 with one of the XtraSun Reflectors.

    Hope this helps!

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