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  • Best way to get rid of webworms?

    Created by Steve on

    What is your suggestion for eradicate webworms ? Pet and human friendly please. They are killing my lawn

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello Steve,

    I’m sorry to hear about your lawn! Sod webworms are pesky little bugs but, fortunately we do offer a few products that can help get rid of them in no time that don’t pose a threat to your family or your pets.

    Monterey B.t. is a wonderful product that is mainly based with naturally occurring bacteria called Bacillus thuringiensis that targets pests such as caterpillars and grubs. It is very effective and will eradicate your webworm problems in no time.

    Another option you could try is going with beneficial insects. We carry what are called beneficial nematodes. These microscopic critters attack hundreds of pests during multiple life-cycles and can last up to 18 months and are completely harmless to us.

    I would encourage you to check out our pest problem solver page which includes all of this information and more on how to get rid of all sorts of different pests, such as the sod webworm. I will include the link so you can find which remedy will work for you.


    Good luck!

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