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  • Vegan hydroponic nutrients?

    Created by Beth on

    I’m interested in trying to grow a few vegetable plants indoors in a hydroponic system. The problem I’m having is trying to find vegan hydroponic nutrients. Do you happen to know of any? I originally thought Bio-Thrive might work, but apparently that doesn’t work with a DWC system. I was informed it only works in a drain to waste situation? I wanted to try DWC because I thought it might be the easiest, but the more I read the more confused I get, so any advice on what the easiest system is for beginners would be great. I also looked into the Flora series, but I’m not sure if any of the ingredients are animal derived as I know some can be. I’d really appreciate any help you can give me!

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Beth –

    Please check out the General Organics® BioThrive vegan plant food formulas. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of all plants through every stage of growth. Best of all, the ingredients are entirely vegan, containing plant extracts, sea kelp and mined minerals. We also offer a Vegan Fertilizer Mix from Down to Earth® for soil applications.

    DWC and Ebb and Flow hydroponic systems both have benefits, as well as headaches associated with them. For small scale setups (fewer than 6 plants), I’d say that a small DWC system is likely easier to clean and less overall hassle. If you’d like to do more than six plants, an Ebb and Flow system with a flood table would be the way to go.

    Hope this helps!
    Good luck.

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