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  • Safer Soap & Sod Webworms

    Created by Kurt Tweedy on

    I have purchased Safer Brand Insecticidal Soap concentrate to try to control sod webworms in my St Augustine lawn. I live in Houston Texas and the temperature does get above 90 degrees in the heat of the day. Is it okay to apply the Safer soap early morning or evening when temperature is below 90 degrees? Also is it okay to apply on St Augustine grass? Thank you for your assistance. Kurt

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Kurt –

    Safer® Soap is effective against sod webworms, just make sure to follow the mixing instructions on the label — more is not better! In fact, we sell natural herbicides made out of soap that are just a much stronger concentration. Spraying in the evening will help reduce potential damage to your St. Augustine grass, but I suggest you test a small area first before applying to your entire lawn. Please also see our page on webworm control for more information.


    Hope it helps!

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