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  • want to cover gnat nix with stone layer

    Created by Colleen Spaner on

    Hi, I plan to cover soil in my potted houseplants with Gnat Nix to combat fungus gnats. If I then cover the product with smooth landscaping stones for a better look, will it still be effective?


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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Colleen –

    I see no problem covering Gnat Nix with landscaping stones for a better look. Just make sure to apply a 1/2″-3/4″ thick layer of Gnat Nix! top dressing to fully cover the surface of the growing medium in your containers. Make sure the entire top surfaces of all your plants are fully covered at all times. The product will create an effective physical barrier against fungus gnats and I suspect the stones will only enhance this barrier.

    Happy gardening!

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