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  • How do I use Gnat Nix?

    Created by John Bellini on

    I have a question regarding the Gnat Nix product for dealing with fungus gnats. It would seem that this is a good “first line” of defense against these critters as it provides a hostile breeding ground for laying their eggs. My question is this: if I use the Gnat Nix product and still get fungus gnats, would I then be able to use the beneficial nematodes as a “second line” of defense to destroy whatever larvae are hatched or would the beneficial nematodes not survive the Gnat Nix I have already applied? In other words, are these two products compatible or do I use one or the other? I have 10 plants, each one in a 5-gallon Smart Pot.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi John –

    Gnat Nix is placed on top of the soil creating a physical barrier that fungus gnats cannot penetrate. Beneficial Nematodes live in the soil and will attack most pest larvae found there. The two products are very compatible when used together and will reduce your fungus gnat problems considerably. Other things to consider…

    Gnatnix is made from 100% recycled glass. It is non-toxic and long-lasting. For control of fungus gnats, add a 1/2-3/4 inch layer on top of your growing media — make sure to cover the entire soil surface. This physical control will limit larvae mobility and reduces the appeal for females to lay eggs on the surface. One single application will effectively reduce plant damage.

    Happy gardening!

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