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  • trichogramma wasps for indoor use (pantry moth)

    Created by sarah kozer on

    Hi- I was about to order your thrichogramma wasps for a pantry moth infestation, and also to review on my home and advice website… I saw the “release 5000 wasps” in the description and it kind of made me panic. Are these wasps appropriate for indoor use? Will my home be packed with wasps? Also- how long would I expect it to work and then what would I do? Are there any disadvantages to using trichogramma indoors? Thank you!

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    Eric Vinje

    Sarah –

    Many food co-ops across the country use our trichogramma wasps indoors to control Indian meal moths with great success. These small, parasitic wasps do not bother humans and have a wingspan of 1/50th of an inch. In most cases, you will not notice them as they search out and destroy moth eggs. For what it’s worth, Indian meal moth has become a big problem now that many grocery stores are open 24 hours per day. It used to be that these stores sprayed for meal moth when they were closed — liability issue now prevent this.

    Trichogramma wasps are an effective, natural control that can be used to control Indian meal moths without toxic sprays. Here’s a link that should help:


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