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  • Trichogramma Wasps vs. Squash Vine Borer

    Created by Cecilia on

    Hi, I’m interested in trying parasitic wasps this year for my garden nemesis – the squash vine borer. The instructions say to “release” them every other week. Do you send 1 square every other week or do three squares arrive in one shipment. If so, what makes on the square that has been put in the garden hatch, while the others don’t?
    Thanks, Cecilia

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello Cecilia,

    Unfortunately trichogramma wasps will not parasitize squash vine borer. There are many insecticides that you can buy to try and eliminate the adults and their eggs, however, they only lay eggs for such a short duration it is hard to be effective.

    One method to limit infection is to plant vulnerable plants far apart. Other gardeners cover their squash with shade cloth. This is an effective method, however, cover each plant separately. The cloth may be removed after the danger of infection has passed.

    Some gardeners just inspect their plants often looking for the eggs, since window for egg-laying is so short.

    Good luck!


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