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  • Will Trichogramma Attack Pantry Moth?

    Created by Bob on


    I have a pantry moth issue and purchased some pantry moth traps. Although, most of the moths are now stuck to the traps, would the Trichogramma Wasps be a good way to combat them further?

    I have not gutted my pantry entirely but did throw away some boxes and moth infested packages this morning. I will have to look for the larvae but I may have seen moth eggs (looks like brown pepper speck?)

    I do have two cats though and wonder if the wasps will be harmful to them in anyway. Also if I hang the squares in my kitchen will the wasps know where to fly and should I leave my pantry doors open for them?

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.


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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Bob –

    Yes, Trichogramma Wasps are very effective for getting rid of pantry moths (take a look at some of our online reviews and see what others have said about them). Release them as close as possible to the problem areas and let them do their job. You will probably never see them in your house and they will not bother you or your pets.

    The pantry moth is considered to be the most damaging of the many moth species infesting stored products in the US. These small moths (1/2 inch) are often noticed flying in a zigzag pattern around kitchens and pantries.

    To get rid of pantry moths indoors consider the following steps:
    • Place grains, cereal products, pet food and other susceptible items in sealed containers
    • Throw out ALL infested food items
    • Use traps to monitor pest presence and detect problem areas
    • Vacuum cracks, crevices and other insect hiding places
    • Release trichogramma wasps over a couple of weeks to parasitize eggs
    • Treat infested areas, including cracks/ crevices with diatomaceous earth to kill the larvae.

    Note: It may take a few weeks before results are noticed.

    Hope this helps!


    One last question. Should I thoroughly clean my pantry with 50/50 water and vinegar solution and wipe it all down or do l I just remove everything so the wasps can find the eggs? I’ve seen some small pepper size specs after removing my jars and dry good from the pantry.

    I want to be sure the wasps have something to thrive upon during their short life span.

    BTW, the traps I bought have done a great job of removing the adult moths so far.



    Eric Vinje

    Hi Bob –

    Sorry for the delay in my response…

    I think an integrated approach is best here and recommend you clean up the area prior to releasing the parasitic wasps. Don’t worry about the wasps. they’re pretty good at finding the pest eggs.

    Go get `em!

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