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  • blooms are wilting on tomato plants

    Created by Pat Combs on

    My tomatoes are raised in 100% compost. I fertilized at the start and again after one month. I use Dr. Earth 5-7-3 blend. My plants are producing some tomatoes but several of the blooms are wilting and no tomatoes are developing from them. I water lightly five times per week. I notice that the soil does not retain the water well. What should I do?

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    Eric Vinje

    Pat –

    Water often and deeply, soaking the soil six to eight inches deep at least twice a week. Tomatoes do not respond well to letting the soil dry out between waterings. Keeping moisture levels in the soil even will help prevent the dreaded blossom-end rot, that small black spot on the bottom of the tomato which eventually can spread throughout the fruit. I’ve included a link to our tomato problems page below.


    Note: A layer of mulch (straw, plastic, grass ) will help conserve soil moisture between waterings.

    Hope this helps!

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