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  • White patches on tomatoes

    Created by Sally Kiernan on

    My Cherokee purple tomatoes have white patches on top…from afar it looks like an animal munched on it but after a closer look and feel the skin has not been broken, but the skin is now clear and the non ripe tomato inside is exposed! What is wrong, please?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Sally –

    To the best of my knowledge, white spots on tomatoes are caused by the following:

    Stink Bugs – A serious problem for vegetable, fruit and other farm crops, stinkbugs feed by piercing fruit which result in blemishes or pale-yellow irregular patches.

    Sunscald – This is essentially what it sounds like, a sun-burn, tomato style, and it occurs when fruit is too exposed during hot weather. To prevent this problem, be sure to leave adequate foliage on plants when pruning or use shade cloth.

    I’ve attached a couple of links that should help.


    Good luck!

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