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  • Thrips on gladiolus bulbs

    Created by Shirley Tate on

    Last year, all 50 glad bulbs contracted thrips. I cut down in fall but left bulbs in the ground over winter. This summer, all 50 have thrips again. How can I utilize Monterey Garden to get a crop of healthy glads?

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    Eric Vinje

    Shirley –

    This fall we recommend digging up the corms and dusting them with diatomaceous earth prior to storage. Corms should be placed in paper bags and stored in a cool, dry place. Some references suggest storing corms at 35-45˚F to kill thrips. Do NOT freeze.

    There are no recommendations available for using Monterey Garden Spray on bulbs. However, you may want to try mixing the spray according to the directions and soaking corms for an hour or two. Allow corms to dry prior to storing.

    If possible, plant corms in a different location from season to season. This helps prevent many “glad” problems. I’ve included a link that should help.


    Good luck!

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