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  • Sunflowers on north side of garden

    Created by pn-admin on

    I’ve been told that you should only grow taller plants on the north side of the vegetable garden so that they don’t block the sun from your shorter plants. Is this true? I really want to grow sunflowers, but the best spot that I have for them is on the north side of my garden. They’ll help block my view of the road there, too. What should I do?

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    Mole Farmer

    I think that you'll be alright putting your sunflowers on the north side of the garden. During the summer months the sun sits way up high in the sky. I bet your garden will still get plenty of light.

    If the sunflowers cast a shadow, put your sun loving plants, like tomatoes on the other side of the garden and plant vegetables, like lettuce and carrots in the shadier spots.


    Eric Vinje

    Sunflowers would work great along the north end of the garden. Choose a taller variety if you’d like a bit more privacy from the road. Check out our tips and tricks on how to grown sunflowers here!




    The longer side of soil are the right place to plant sunflowers.

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