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  • sticky blue traps for thrips

    Created by David Moore on

    I hang blue sticky traps around my rose garden but they always end up on the ground. The holes provided need to be reinforced as after a rain the holes just tear through the paper and all my mulch ends up stuck to the traps.

    Do you have any suggestion for solving this problem?

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    E. Vinje

    Hi David.

    We’re sorry to hear the rain is causing a problem with your traps! The best way to solve that problem is to pick up some hole reinforcement labels to strengthen the surrounding paper at your local office supply store, Apply one to each side for extra strength and to prevent them from tearing when they get wet.

    You may also want to consider hanging the traps with bulldog clips — those springy steel clips used to bind paper — for added support.

    Hope this helps!



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