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  • fly parasite species

    Created by robzack on

    Do you use different fly parasites depending on the area of the country? Also, when they are delivered, how do I spread them in the yard?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello Rob –

    We offer a mixture of three separate fly parasite species — Muscidifurax raptorellus, Muscidifurax zaraptor & Spalangia cameroni — to provide the most complete control of filth flies across the country, regardless of the season. These small parasitic wasps attack and kill filth flies in their immature pupal stage. Very effective because they kill the pest before it can mature into a flying adult. They will not bother humans or animals.

    For best results, apply early (500 per large animal). Releasing small amounts weekly, every other week, or even monthly has proven to be more effective than one large release. Simply scatter the contents of the bag over suspected fly breeding sites, including manure piles, stales/ pens/ kennels and garbage cans.

    Note: Fly parasites do not attack adult flies, thus care must be taken to keep the existing population as low as possible. We recommend using them with fly traps and/ or baits.

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