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  • Can I keep nematodes in the fridge?

    Created by Larry Hansford on

    I want to get some Beneficial Nematodes for applying to our raised beds once we are able to start plants this spring – late March to early April – but am in need of some now to control Fungus Gnats in potted plants. What is their shelf life? Can I get the Scanmask Beneficial Nematodes now, use some in each potted plant and then place the rest of them in the refrigerator for use in the raised beds in about a month? Or, would opening the package to get some for the potted plants risk killing or weakening the rest of them?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello Larry –

    Beneficial nematodes are living organisms, so proper shipping and storage are of utmost importance to ensure the nematodes are alive and well and ready to go to work when you receive them. The shelf life of beneficial nematodes varies depending on the formulation in which they are sold. Nematodes in a solid formulation (such as Scanmask®) have a longer shelf life compared to those in a powder like sprayable formulation.

    The refrigerated shelf life of Scanmask® is one year, so you would be able to apply them to your potted plants now and to your raised bed gardens 2-4 months from now. For best results, mix contents of the Scanmask container with potting soil, vermiculite or peat moss. Water area to be treated before and after application.

    Hope it helps!

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