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  • Light for indoor vegetable seeds

    Created by Diane Bailey on

    I want to start vegetable seeds indoors. What type of bulb do I need? It’s pretty confusing! Thank you for your help!

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    Eric Vinje

    Diane –

    Commercial fluorescent lights such as shop lights, have long been used by indoor gardeners and they will keep plants alive if not healthy and productive. But using the latest generation fluorescent grow lights will result in noticeable improvement. Fluorescents are affordable, use less electricity than high-density lights and are cool to operate.

    Advances in spectral display and intensity of fluorescents designed specifically for indoor gardening, such as high output T5 lamps, make them a good choice for the casual indoor gardener. A T5 fluorescent light system will put out almost twice the light as a standard shop light.


    Hope this helps!

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