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  • Scythe Herbicide for moss lawn

    Created by Sarah on

    Hi there, I currently have a combination of moss and fescue-type grass in my lawn. Contrary to most opinions, I would like to eliminate the grass and encourage moss growth.

    Would you recommend the Scythe Herbicide product for this purpose? The moss grows underneath and between the grass and I am worried it might also get burnt out. I could try to be careful and only do a light misting on tall grass, but I don’t know how effective this will be.

    Any other products you would recommend for this purpose? I’ve heard elemental sulfur might be helpful here, but I’m not sure.



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    Eric Vinje

    Hey Sarah!

    I would recommend a herbicide that specifically targets grass species, or monocots. If you’d still like to use the Scythe, it’s likely that misting the tall grass will likely help your problem. It should be noted that reapplication will likely be necessary in order to completely eradicate that fescue.

    Good Luck!

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