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  • Will ScanMask® Kill Fleas?

    Created by Karen on

    I am very interested in the beneficial nematodes. Our yard is soooooo infested with fleas. I also have ducks and chickens that forage the yard. would they be able to see/eat the Scanmask? And, will the nematodes kill the fleas?


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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Karen –

    Scanmask contains the beneficial nematode Steinernema feltiae, a natural insect parasite that will hunt down and kill over 230 different types of pests including flea larvae and pupae in lawns. East to use, just scatter by hand over infested areas of your yard and water after application.

    To get rid of the biting adults we recommend using natural flea treatments that are safe for you and your furry friends. I’ve included a link to our flea control page here.


    Hope it helps!

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