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  • Frog safe algaecide?

    Created by Angela on

    Hi, I’m trying to find a safe algaecide for my backyard frog pond. The pond contains goldfish, lots of baby goldfish, water lilies, water hyacinth and several other water plants. It attracts frogs and a few local toads on occasion. I’m most concerned about finding a product that is safe for frogs and toads. As most products reference ‘koi’ ‘goldfish’ and ‘water plants’ I’m concerned that these products may not be safe for frogs and toads. I’ve seen a few that reference ‘aquatic life’ which I assume would include frogs? I was looking at the GreenClean FX product as I’m starting to smell a slight odor I believe is coming from the pond. I’d very much appreciate any recommendations for products that are okay for frogs/toads/fish/water plants.

    Thanks much!

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Angela –

    Our most popular natural product for ponds is the AquaSphere Pro. These biodegradable spheres contain a combination of bacteria and enzymes that clean pond water and reduce odors. It is safe for you, your pets, fish, frogs, plants and wildlife. I recommend you give this a try!

    Commercial strength GreenClean FX kills algae on contact using a unique peroxide formula. It is compliant with the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) and safe for water gardens containing fish, plants and other aquatic life (I assume this includes frogs) when used according to the label. This product works faster than the “spheres” and must be registered with the EPA.

    Hope this helps!

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