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  • What type of rose for making rose water?

    Created by gardengirl on

    So, I have recently become interested in herbalism and was thinking about how to make my own rose water. Is there a type of rose that will produce a lot of flowers while still being relatively easy to grow? (I’m not the best gardener in the world!)

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    Tiger Lily

    Any roses can be used for making rosewater, but after doing some research it seems that rose hips might be exactly what your looking for. They do need lots of room for growing.

    Roses for hips are grown the same way as other roses, but are often better suited to wild or cottage gardens, where their vigorous growth gets plenty of room to spread.

    Hips are a rich source of vitamin C, and can be taken as a syrup or eaten. Connoisseurs claim Rugosa hips have the best flavour and are the least fiddly to prepare. Each one must be top and tailed, then cut in half to remove the seeds and irritating hairs. They can then stewed, dried or pounded into a paste for freezing.


    Eric Vinje

    Check out our tips and tricks related to how to get those roses growing great!


    Happy Summer!


    Eric Vinje


    The link above will help with growing roses. You will want to take special consideration on the variety of rose you choose. Damask varieties are old rose cultivars. They often bloom only once or twice during the growing season, but are specially noted for their fragrance. Madame Hardy is reported to be a very good variety to choose.

    Good luck!

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