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  • What to do with rose cuttings?

    Created by l1berclavis on

    Hello –

    I have taken a few cuttings from a rose (St. Cecilia) for my daughter. To my surprise, they have not only survived but are showing small buds. One, however, has produced an exceedingly healthy shoot over an inch long.

    Help! What should I now do with it? It has been sitting in relative warmth on my kitchen window sill. Should it remain there, or go to a greenhouse now?

    As you will have guessed, I am no gardener.

    Thank you.

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    Eric Vinje


    To answer your question regarding your rose cuttings, I would suggest moving them to the greenhouse so as to provide a warm, humid environment for them. If you would like to keep them in your kitchen, place a container over the cuttings to provide that extra bit of humidity to help them thrive along with a source of heat (be careful not to roast the roots!)

    As far as I can tell, you’re already doing a great job in providing good conditions for them as is but, this will give them a little more encouragement. You can check out our page on rose propagation at https://www.planetnatural.com/rose-gardening-guru/propagating/ as this goes in to a bit more detail.

    Happy growing!

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