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  • Rats Chewing Plastic

    Created by Jason Brand on

    Hi, I’m wondering if you can help. I have a large rubber/ plastic above ground pool and have had problems with what I think is rats or rodents chewing away at it. Do you stock a coating that would prevent them or at last put them off doing it? Or maybe something else that may help?

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    E. Vinje

    Hey Jason,

    We unfortunately don’t have any sort of protective sealant for your pool. We do, however, sell a granular spread aimed at keeping pests away called Shake Away as well as a Sonic Pest Chaser from Victor. You could use these products around your pool to keep pests from nibbling away. I’ve included links that should help.

    Rodent Granules


    ​Additionally, you can always try to catch the pests with an easy bucket trap method: http://gentlemanhomestead.com/diy-five-gallon-bucket-mouse-trap/

    ​Hope this brings you closer to a solution​!

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