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  • Rock Phosphate vs. Bone Meal

    Created by Frank Williams on

    I notice the Bone Meal says NOT to feed to Ruminents such as deer.
    So If I have a Lot of Deer in the area and my Soil is Low in Phosphates. Would Rock Phosphate SKU: 876 be a better option?

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    Eric Vinje

    Frank –

    It is my understanding that the “do NOT feed to Ruminates” statement on bags of bone meal comes from concerns over mad cow disease. However, I am not certain of this.

    Both Rock Phosphate and Bone Meal are good sources of organic phosphorous for home gardeners. We recommend using bone meal as a short term phosphorous supply and rock phosphate as a long term phosphorous supply, as it’s slower to break down. Many growers often combine the two to get the benefits of both and a more complete range of micronutrients.

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