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  • How do I use Tanglefoot?

    Created by Dan Currier on

    I am thinking about putting out sticky traps, by painting Tanglefoot on small pieces of thin plywood (1/2 in thick 4 in x 12 in). I want to lay them out in a field to collect ground insect species. Is there a solvent that can remove tanglefoot, yet not harm chitin on the exoskeleton of insects??

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Dan –

    Brushable Tangle-Trap is easily applied with a paintbrush and is ideally suited for contoured trap surfaces — it should work great for collecting ground insects. To remove Tanglefoot Sticky Coating from tools use mineral spirits. Remove from hands or skin with baby oil or citrus cleaners then wash with soap and water.

    I do not know how these products will affect chitin on the exoskeleton of insects.

    Good luck!

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