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  • Removing chloramine from tap water

    Created by Marian Yeager on

    We are in a drought, so my rain barrels are empty. I have to use tap water on my houseplants (orchids, hoyas, gesneriads) and it contains chloramine and chlorine. I know the latter evaporates. I’ve been using Top Fin chloramine remover, but I’ve heard that can cause pH to go down and sodium content to rise.

    Any advice on how I can treat tap water without going into great expense like an RO system? Once the rainy season is here (Florida), I can go back to rain water. I’d hoped the aquarium product would be short-term, but I’ve had to use tap water for about four months so far.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello Marian –

    It sounds like using the Top Fin is going to be your best line of defense with the Chloramine in your water. I don’t know what other products could offer you the ability to remove it or lower your sodium content other than an RO system. Your only other option it seems at this point would be to purchase distilled water at a local grocery store or gas station and work with that until the drought ends if you find the treated tap water is affecting your plants too much.

    I hope this helps!

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