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  • Can I keep parasitic wasps in the fridge?

    Created by Steven Brooks on

    I have about 800 sf. of raised bed vegetable garden. I want to use Trichogramma Wasps to control cabbage loopers and armyworms. Can I keep them cool in the fridge until I need them? How can I release them weekly during the moth season without re-ordering or wasting them?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Steven –

    We do not recommend storing trichogramma wasps for much longer than a few days. Keep in mind that the longer they are stored the higher the mortality rate will be.

    How to Release:
    • Shipped as pupae in host eggs, glued to one inch by one inch paper squares, trichogramma arrive ready to hatch out as adult wasps.
    • Release when moths are first present and periodically thereafter.
    • Use 5,000 parasites (1 square) per 5,000 square feet weekly, or every other week for 3 to 6 consecutive weeks.

    Hope this helps!

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