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  • Protecting my vegetables from deer

    Created by Deer hunter on

    Every year that I plant a garden I always end up losing most of my vegetables to the deer that come in the early morning hours to nibble on the greens available and whatever else they can find to eat. I would like to find a good way to keep the deer from getting to my pumpkin and carrots that they devoured this year.

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    Planet Natural has several products listed here on there site under Natural Pest Control: Barriers & Repellents, including Coyote/Fox Urine Granules, we have a dog that may have coyote in his blood lines, very few deer have come around, compared to before, since we got him!


    Eric Vinje

    Hello –

    How do you keep deer out of the garden? Well, many methods are available, but nothing is absolutely foolproof). Here are some suggestions:

    • Fences are generally considered the best solution — build them tall!
    • Netting and wire cages work too!
    • Deer repellents, motion activated sprayers and ultrasonic devices have shown success.

    I’ve included a couple of links that will help.


    Go get them!

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