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  • Review of lawn products

    Created by Francis Abate on

    Hi – I recently used the Weed & Feed on my lawn and it seems the weeds are still prevalent. I noted that your product works best early season when the weeds are young so perhaps there’s nothing I can do about it? Not sure on the fertilizing affect yet as we are having a dry spell here in CO.

    The Avenger killed grass around our bocce court as I wanted it to do however, it did not affect the weeds I sprayed in other flower beds. I noticed on your video with the dandelion that you soaked it quite well and I may not have done that – would this be the reason I had poor results?

    I’m willing to try the Avenger again unless you can suggest other products for flower and rock bed / driveway weeds – thank you.

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    Eric Vinje

    Francis –

    Our Organic Weed & Feed is derived from corn gluten meal which inhibits the growth of a seed’s tiny feeder roots. This causes the weed seedlings — actually all seedlings — to die before their roots ever have a chance to become established. It is important to note that this product only works on new seeds that may be in your lawn. It does not work on perennial weeds — like dandelions — that may already be established. However, it will prevent new dandelion seed from becoming established.

    Avenger Weed Killer is non-selective and works via dehydration. As a result, it works best when applied during the heat of the day and during warm dry weather. I suspect that the product worked best around your bocce court because the weeds/ grass were allowed to dry out. Unlike the weeds in your flower beds that were most likely getting water. In this case, several treatments may be necessary to control weeds.

    Hope this helps!

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