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  • T5 Power Veg Light

    Created by Liz Dunlap on

    Does the T5 Power Veg light replace the t5 or the t8 bulb? If so, what is the advantages to this light re the regular t5 and t8? I may be interested in trying it. Sell me………..

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    Eric Vinje

    Liz –

    The PowerVeg T5 Fluorescent Grow Light is a brand new light from Hortilux that offers a well-balanced spectrum plus UV light. It was designed to closely mimics natural sunlight, benefitting your plants by:

    • Promoting extreme photosynthesis for faster growth
    • Creating a stronger root system
    • Enabling easy transition from indoor veg to outdoor flowering
    • Developing stronger healthier vegetative plants that will produce higher yields and higher quality crops
    • Creating faster producing yields, vivid colors, more flowering, and better tasting crops

    Happy growing!



    Right after I asked you this question my bulb went out so I went ahead and ordered one anyway, I need it for next year. I will be eager to see the results. thanks for the response.

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