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  • Potting Soil WITHOUT fertilizers or pesticides ???

    Created by Scott Lewis on

    I am creating two terrariums for my boa constrictors, currently I have golden pothos, peperomia and polka dot plants in each cage. My current soil mix is generic potting soil and coco coir. I am searching for a potting soil that does NOT contain any fertilizers or pesticides. Does such a product even exist?? I realize most people are using the soil just to grow plants and so they want such items in the mix, but they are harmful for snakes. If the mix contains either vermiculite or perlite, this is not ideal, however I can work around them. But it can not have any pesticides or fertilizers. Do you have any suggestions as to what mix or soil might work?? Thanks.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Scott –

    Great for container plants! Black Gold Organic Potting Soil is specially formulated with sphagnum peat moss, compost, earthworm castings and finely ground forest products for water retention and overall nutrition. To prevent packing down and ensure perfect drainage, optimal proportions of coarse perlite and pumice are incorporated into the mix. It contains no added fertilizers or pesticides and is OMRI Listed for use in organic production.

    Hope this helps!



    Thanks for sharing this helpful information.


    Thanks for sharing



    I was glad to find somebody asking the question I’m having so much trouble finding answers for! In my case I’m looking for a nice, simple soil for a snail habitat. No luck so far.

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