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  • Earwigs are destroying my garden

    Created by onecrazykitty on

    Anyone have advice to get rid of earwigs? I tried trapping them in old cat food cans, newspapers etc. There are just too many! They are eating my plants before they can even mature! I live in Southern California so the climate this year is ripe for the bugs! They are even infesting my Tortoise enclosure.

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    Well, since no one had any ideas, I went to a garden center and asked a self proclaimed "Guru" of Organc Gardening. He suggested Diatomaceous Earth. Be sure to get food grade and not the swimming pool kind. Wear a mask and gloves just in case and buy a powder dispenser and sprinkle away! Worked unbelievably well on all the naughty creatures.


    Eric Vinje

    Hello –

    Earwigs are often considered beneficial in the garden, acting as scavengers. However, they will chew on seedlings, soft plant shoots, fruits and flowers. When their numbers are high they can cause considerable damage. I’ve included a link to an article we wrote that lists several organic methods of controlling them here.


    Hope it helps!


    Michelle C

    I’m confused as to why the least toxic advice says to use as a last resort?? Also no diy advice just buy these products advice.

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