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  • ladybugs and pesticides

    Created by Susan Heidenreich on

    Hi, I have been doing some reading on your web site and am confused. I am thinking about using ladybugs to get rid of mite, thrips and scale in my garden. When I checked on your web site what to do for these pests, it recommends different organic pesticides. It is not clear if these agents will harm the ladybugs. It seems like it would. Thank you

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Susan –

    Long term natural pest control is the most cost effective approach to managing insect pests and beneficial insects are an integral part of this process. But sometimes a short-lived, botanical pesticide is necessary to knock-down large numbers of insect pests. Also, if pest populations are high, use the least-toxic, short-lived natural pesticide — Insecticidal Soaps, Horticultural Oils, Botanical Insecticides — to establish control before releasing ladybugs to maintain control.

    The organic pesticides that we offer leave no residues and breakdown quickly in the environment but many can harm beneficial insects. As a result, they should only be used after other least-toxic options have been tried. Also, rather than blanket spraying the area with a natural insecticide consider spot-treating areas with high numbers of pests to minimize damage to the “good guys.”

    Hope this helps!

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