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  • Safer® Soap Smell

    Created by Ryan Case on


    I am looking at ordering some Safer Brand Insecticidal Soap for mealybug control. This is an indoor facility that has many public tours going thru it and odor (people’s possible sensitivity to odors) is a big concern. Does this product have a strong odor?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Ryan –

    Insecticidal soap has a light soapy or lard-type smell to it when first applied that dissipates quickly as it dries. It does NOT have a toxic or strong pesticidal odor. Soaps work against soft-bodied pests via dehydration, as soon as the application dries it is ineffective — there is NO residual. I would be surprised if someone on a tour has sensitivity to the product, plus it works well on mealybugs!


    Hope this helps!

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