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  • Do you have a safe lawn fertilizer?

    Created by Steve D moran on

    Hi –

    Do you have lawn fertilizer that is pesticide and herbicide free?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Steve –

    Pesticide-free lawns give you the peace-of-mind that comes from providing your family a healthy place for outdoor play and gathering. We want to make our lawns and landscapes — the places where our children play and our pets roam — as safe as possible which is why, at Planet Natural, we only offer organic and chemical free lawn fertilizers. Not only do they improve soil structure, they encourage beneficial soil microbes that attack pests and diseases. Used in combination with good maintenance practices — including aeration and proper mowing — they will make your lawn less labor and water intensive.

    Hope it helps!



    Safer, Pesticide-Free Insect and Weed Control:

    Use non-toxic or less toxic methods for both pest or weed control.
    These can include mechanical or cultural methods, safer products or natural predators such as ladybugs or nematodes. Use the Beyond Pesticides Pest and Weed Database to find your pest or weed and learn how to safely control it. https://www.beyondpesticides.org/resources/managesafe/choose-a-pest
    Choose fertilizers and mulches that do not contain herbicides or insecticides. If you need fertilizers, avoid “weed and feed” products as they contain harmful herbicides. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, natural or plant based fertilizers are great choices that are slow release and improve soil health. Some mulch products are treated with herbicides, so be sure to read the ingredients before purchasing.

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