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  • Applying AllDown Herbicide

    Created by John Sullivan on

    We have a job where we have to plant a wetland buffer zone (about 15′ away from a pond). Currently, there is 2000SF of healthy turf grass which needs to be removed. One thought is to herbicide the grass, leave it there and then plant the wetland plugs through the dead thatch.

    Does the applicator have to be licensed (New York State) to apply Alldown? How effective is it for turf? Does it kill the roots (or only burn the grass layer? How long do we wait before planting?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi John!
    Those are some very good questions about the AllDown Organic Herbicide! Unfortunately, I’m not sure if you need a license to spray if you’re doing it commercially in New York. You do not have to have one if it’s a personal project.

    Alldown works best on dry areas so applying near a wetland may prove to be problematic. I would suggest getting a hold of the manufacturer at http://www.summersetproducts.com/contact.html to get more in depth answers.

    Hope this helps!

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