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  • Applying Root Organics Oregonism XL

    Created by Fourturtles on

    Good Day,

    Just a quick question. If I use Root Organics Oregonism XL do I still need to use beneficial nutes like Neem Meal and Shrimp Meal? And if I do use them together will it cause any problems?

    Thanks for your time!

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Mick –

    We work closely with the good folks at Roots Organics and received the following response to your question.

    Oregonism XL would not be a replacement for either of those products. Using them on the same plants would not be an issue as long as they aren’t mixed together in a solution/applied simultaneously. (It’d be a little too much for the microbes to handle before they colonize.)

    Good luck!

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